"I am just a man trying to make a difference in the world around me"

One of the most inspirational/motivational messages I ever heard was Joe Rogan talking about how we need to be the hero of our own movie. Be that warrior that comes through in the end, after the dust is settled. I realized that I needed to be the last one standing.

That is who I am and where I am today. My internal struggles are now a shadow in the past and my future is whatever I want to make it to be. What I want is to share my journey with you, not on the past, but what the past produced today. The man in the mirror, the Hero of my own story.


Who is my HERO

my hero is me

Not the person I was

But that I will be

I will fail

But greatly I will fail

No one will fail more

Or more greatly than me

It's my failures that move me

It's my failures that shape me

It's my failures that change me

Into that which I will be

Who is my hero

That man is me

Meet Michael

Author, Writer and Entrepreneur

I am loving, kind, gentle, peaceful, generous, compassionate, safe, and thoughtful. I want to help others to the greatest degree I can, that I listen more, talk less, being a person who others wish to see coming, not going, and to always find the good in others, never judging, but being understanding. Learning something from everyone and every experience, open, honest, and transparent, so that I may reach others who are in need, through the experiences I have had, and to be strong for the weak who God has entrusted me with and equipped me for, without exception, abandoning none.

I know my PURPOSE is to help others that have experienced pain, suffering, addictions, and abuse in their lives. If I can help anyone, then my life is complete and well lived. Realize your POTENTIAL. You will find your PASSION. Know these and live your PURPOSE. This is the picture of my creating board and where this all started. This is my journey. MB

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Robyn and Michael Byrd

A Wife's Perspective

The following is from my perspective, Michael’s 6th wife. I am thankful to my God, the gift of knowing, unconditional love and faith, and the blessing of our restored marriage. Let it be said, that just as the goodness in life molds and shapes us, so too does the unflattering, harmful and unpleasant experiences of life. Profound effects of the negative, also formulate positive parts of our core being. Be thankful for both the good and the bad, as it is all of the intricate parts of our human journey that brings us into the entirety of who we are. How can shocking and unresolved childhood abuse help mold a man into a functional, admirable and even an exceptional human? It seems impossible. Charm, wit, a broad spectrum of intelligence, a Spartan royal build, dark hair, a deep voice and piercing green eyes, was nothing more than a glorious shield that hid both explosive behavior and internal pain. This embedded pain derived from his scarred childhood breathed life into fierce demons that plagued Mike’s entire life. On the outside looking in, he seemed to have it all, however, that was merely an illusion. Sadly, the complete destruction of his material world encompassed him as he hit rock bottom. That, along with multiple near-death experiences created a platform in which the desire to change at last emerged. Throughout Mike’s life, internal issues had constantly surfaced and sabotaged every effort and milestone gained in his attempt to live a normal existence. Adult struggles such as failed marriages, lost homes, lost jobs, businesses, friendships and nights of dark, deep dives into alcohol and drugs, and all that entails, were the excerpts from the chapters of his unfortunate life’s story that became the inspiration to write, “Life’s Little Instruction Book.” In this compilation Mike shares what he has learned through his life’s experiences and the consequences, both good and bad, after becoming completely defeated as a man. What he has transcribed herein is his 31 truths, intentions and beliefs on how to change and overcome any of life’s struggles and obstacles no matter how great they may be. Alone, with no friends, destitute, and spiritually empty, Mike had days upon days of unforgiving time. He had no choice but to utilize this lonely void of seemingly unending hours, to search deep into his inner self, to regain his faith, and to reflect upon his life and how he had arrived at that place. Now in recovery and making amazing strides, it is Michael’s hope and belief that this book will inspire and help people with similar stories. Use these 31 days of tools to help you develop your human potential, passion and purpose and live your best life ever.

Robyn M Byrd

RECOVERY~ FAITH~LOVE ~~Saves lives and brings families back together~~

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